On the China issue

The writer feels we have a bigger problem with China than just espionage. Like the future possibility of War in the Pacific. I believe China wants to control all of the Pacific Region, and probably South Asia too. It seems this type of activity is in the DNA of communist regimes. We have actually helped them with their military buildup by outsourcing so much US manufacturing to China. Worse, our media is useless on this issue, seeming only to look for problems they can blame on the current president. This, after 8 years of genuflecting to a former POTUS who weakened our military, retired scores of senior officials he didn't like and seemed to be blaming us for the World's problems. Yet our MSM thought all this was great. More on this later, under jeopardy from our current politically correct society. Perhaps the worst recent indication of where China may be headed is how they filled in the Spratly Islands hundreds of miles from the Chinese mainland, saying it was for peaceful purposes. They then thumbed their noses at the World Court ruling that they had no claim to those reefs, and proceeded to build military bases there. I don't know where we can go with this other than showing overwhelming naval and air force in the region. There has to be a response to what they did, and so far it has been tepid from both Obama and Trump.

The writer has received a thank you from Donald Trump for his work in trying to help US manufacturing.

The current programs with the FBI via the InfraGard organization has been enlightening, but so far little response from Washington about the US manufacturing issue, although I do know the National Directorship of Intelligence, Dan Coates and William Evanina, and FBI Director Wray are well aware of the problem and associated industrial espionage. The picture you get is that these people are too busy to respond to inquiries on the subject. Interestingly, the President did respond. 

The MIT Silicon Photonics Consortium (PhotonicsManufacturing.org), on the other hand, has proceeded to a critical mass. That program was started to help create a new US manufacturing industry based on new technology in lightwave systems, starting with 'lit up' ICs and going through packaging and interconnect to conceptualize next-generation data centers and other data communications applications that will require 'light-speed' circuitry at 50Gbps and above. Traditional Cu systems and ICs will not be able to keep up with ever-faster circuit requirements, eventually rising into the Tbps. This is the domain of Silicon Photonics....that is using the photonics capabilities of silicon to produce hopefully low cost, low power lightwave solutions to these high-speed needs.

We have a major conference at MIT in two weeks, after which I may be able to post some of the results.